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The Importance of Your Pump

Updated: May 17, 2018

A pump is the heartbeat of a pool or spa, it is what keeps the water clean and clear. Several factors can affect the performance of your pump. In a spa the most important factor is the water chemistry. If the alkalinity or the PH get too high or too low, the mechanical seal in the pump can fail and start to leak, when this happens water will get sucked into the electric motor where it could cause the breaker to trip and will cause the bearings to get wet and fail thus the ear-splitting sound you hear when you turn on the spa.

pump repair

At this point there is no other option but to rebuild the pump a simple and cost effective task as long as everything comes apart and things will unless of course you have neglected to fix a simple leak if your pump has been leaking for a long time then everything becomes corroded and will not come apart now u need a new pump a costly option.

Remember Deep Blue Pool and Spa can fix or service your pool or spas pump, and always has new pumps. Call us today at 585-343-POOL or visit our site for more information!


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