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The Health Benefits of Owning a Spa!

Updated: May 17, 2018

There are many different benefits of owning a spa. Not only are they a fun and relaxing way to spend time with friends and family, but they also provide many health benefits as well. The spas that we sell at Deep Blue Pool and Spa offer many therapeutic benefits as well as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is when the millions of small bubbles mixed with the hot water that comes out of your jets create a very soothing massaging effect. Spending as little as 15 minutes in a hot tub a day can help with many things including; stimulating circulation, reducing stress, temporary relief from arthritis, improves sleep, accelerates healing of sore muscles, as well as lowers muscle tension and soreness.


Hydrotherapy is a type of healing that focuses on the beneficial effects that hot water in motion can produce. The thermal and mechanical effects of the warm water can help with the healing of illness’s and disease. The warm water works with the jets in your tub to softly massage the body which then relaxes your nerves to relieve aches and pains and also increases blood flow and relieves stress. Hydrotherapy jets bring relief from muscle stiffness and arthritis. Each spa is different in that it has different jets placed in different positions, which allow you to get relief on certain body parts.

Warm water can be a very powerful tool when it comes to healing, the warm waters have the ability to transform your warn out body back to its original state. Certain jets work to stimulate certain parts of the body, which relieve the stress and tension of your day. Jets that hit the right spots on someone’s body help relieve headaches, stress, and tension. At Deep Blue Pool and Spa we make sure that customers get in the tubs and try them out to make sure each individual person has a spot where the jets hit all of the right places, before the purchase a tub.

Spas use the warm water to massage and stimulate your body which then causes your body to release endorphins. This naturally reduces stress. Hydrotherapy from the jets dilates your blood vessels which helps prevent headaches. Studies from the National Sleep Foundation have also proven that soaking in a hot tub before bed will make the transition into a deeper sleep much easier.

Soaking in a Deep Blue hot tub is not only relaxing, it is also beneficial. The longer your body soaks the more benefits you can receive. Listed below are the benefits you receive from hydrotherapy after a 15 minute time frame;

  • After 5 minutes: your pulse and blood pressure decrease

  • Afte r8 minutes: your blood circulation in your hands and feet increase causing themto feel heated

  • After 12 minutes: your muscles are fully relaxed

  • After 15 minutes: your minor aches and pains should diminish

Soaking also increases the blood flow to any injured area that you may have, and brings nutrients to that area to help repair any damage. Once your muscles are relaxed, your body will rid any toxins that are causing you joint pain or inflammation. This is becoming increasingly popular with athletes who suffer from muscle, weakness, aches and cramps.

Not only can hydrotherapy from our spas help with aches, pains, cramps, and stress, they can also help with disease. Anyone with Arthritis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and more can receive relief from the hydrotherapy. According to The Arthritis Foundation, “warm water hydrotherapy in a properly designed spa can help with arthritis.” Also “the soothing warmth and buoyancy of the water makes it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain.”

Overall hydrotherapy studies have shown the many positive benefits of engagement in warm massaging waters. At Deep Blue Pool and Spa, we have helped many customers with all of the aliments listed above. Arthritis, migraines, MS, and muscle relief are all problems we have helped relieve for our customers. Many times we have customers who have prescriptions from doctors for spas to help them relieve their pain. We also make sure that before anyone purchases a tub from Deep Blue, we fit each person correctly so they can reap all of the benefits our spas have to offer. So be sure to stop in and find out more ways that we can help you at Deep Blue Pool and Spa!

For more information please check out all the different spas we offer at Deep Blue!


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