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Deep Blue Pool and Spa Chemical Maintenance Guide

Updated: May 17, 2018

Products Needed: (Always add chemicals while pumps are running.)

  • Chlorinating concentrate

  • Non chlorine spa shock

  • Nature 2 Mineral Purifying Stick

  • Test strips

  • Balancers (if necessary)

  • Accessory products and cleaners (if necessary)

hot tub

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Place Nature 2 Mineral Stick down in or near filter with “pull loop” at top.

  • Add a ¼ cap of Chlorinating Concentrate twice a week. Chlorinating Concentrate cleans and rejuvenates the Nature 2 Mineral Stick and it also works as a sanitizer to prevent bacteria from growing.

  • Add a ½ cap of Non Chlorine Spa Shock twice a week – at the same time you add the Chlorinating Concentrate to the tub. Spa Shock helps burn up the organics in the water such as body oils, cosmetics, detergents, etc. and will help keep your water clear. Depending upon usage, bather load and water clarity, you may need to increase the amount of Spa Shock you add to the tub.

  • Check PH and Alkalinity levels to make sure they are in the proper range. (PH: 7.2 – 7.6 and Alkalinity: 100 – 150) Adjust as necessary with balancing products. Your free chlorine reading will always read low due to the Nature 2 Mineral Stick. The mineral stick does 80% of the sanitizing in the tub which allows you to maintain a low chlorine level. There is no need to add more chlorine unless the water develops an odor or has clarity issues.

  • Add accessory products such as Stain and Scale Control (especially if you have well water,) Spa Enzyme, or Clarifiers if needed once a week.

  • Add Spa Enzyme Cleaner to eat up organic materials and to help improve filtration and lengthen the life of your filter(s) – 2-4oz. every week.

Every month take your filter(s) out and clean with Filter Cleaner and Degreaser. Use the Water Wand to deep clean every pleat. This will extend the life of your filter(s).

Replace your filter(s) every 10 – 12 months or as needed to ensure good water quality.

Remember to change your Nature 2 Mineral Purifying Stick every 4 months! This is VERY important in maintain your water quality! You will spend more money trying to fix your water chemistry if you do not change the stick every 4 months!

Drain your spa water every 3-4 months, depending on your water quality. Before draining the spa use Jet Clean to clean out the lines in the jets. Remember to remove filter(s) and Nature 2 Stick before adding Jet Clean to the water!

Refill Guide:

  • Use Spa Surface Cleaner to clean the tub before refilling it with new water.

  • Make sure filter is clean and Nature 2 Stick is changed properly

  • Test new water to make sure your PH, Alkalinity and Calcium hardness are in the range (remember we do FREE water testing!) Adjust accordingly.

  • Add Stain and Scale Control to fresh water before adding chemicals.

  • Remember to wipe your spa cover with Spa Cover Cleaner to help extend its life.

  • Add Chlorinating Concentrate & Non Chlorine Spa Shock with pumps running and ENJOY!


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