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Shop Smart, Save Big

Updated: May 17, 2018

Deep Blue wants to help you save your money and have an easier time maintaining your pools and spas. If you shop the big box stores for some or all of your pool chemicals, know that you may not always be getting the best deal. Here are some things to look for to help you really save.

swimming pool

1. Not all chlorine is created equal.Always check the labels for the percent of available chlorine. 12.5% the highest available in liquid form and is what we carry here. Most box stores usually carry 10% or less.

2. Cardboard can’t sanitize your pool. Many lesser chlorine tablets use large amounts of cellulose (like the kind used to make cardboard) as the filler. This causes the tab to break down faster thus making it less effective at sanitizing and making you use several of them to do the job of a well made tab like the ones we sell at Deep Blue Pool and Spa.

3. One stop shop.Don’t waste your time and gas making multiple trips for your pool needs. Most box stores carry only a few of the items needed to maintain your pool because it is not their focus. That will never be the case here. Pools and spas are what we do!

4. To Test is best. You will never find a water lab at a box store. Here you can bring a sample of your pool or spa water and get an accurate prescription from an expert for the best pool or spa water possible. This insures that you are not wasting money on chemicals you may not need.


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